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A Guide To Crime Thriller Novels

By Eloise Hewitt

While crime is often depicted on television and the movies the novel remains an endearing source of entertainment in this genre. One of the big reasons is that it allows the reader to imagine that character and to create the world in their mind for themselves. This is very much the case with crime thriller novels and there are a wide array of titles to choose from that are likely to suit your personal taste.

When people think of crime thrillers they tend to think of noir style detective stories. The likes of Hammett, Chandler and so forth created a world of iconic images that many people have associated with detectives and crimes. For example when people think of a detective they tend to think of someone wearing a hat and a trenchcoat looking for clues.

Naturally it is hard to mention detectives without mentioning Sherlock Holmes. This is a character who has appeared in countless plays, films and television series. It seems that every generation at some point rediscovers this character. In many senses he is the quintessential detective, a man capable of analysing the entire life of a person based on the dust on his hat.

Another iconic image is that of the noir detective, usually a character dressed in a hat and crumpled trenchcoat as they pound the streets looking for a murderer. The term film noir refers to the detective stories in the cinema. However most of these iconic men in trenchcoats and their stories of murder go back to stories by writers such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiel Hammett.

In recent times there have been twists on this kind of story. An excellent example is the Hannibal Lecter series of novels. In these stories a detective needs Lecter for information. The twist is that Lecter himself is a killer and there is a fascinating power struggle between the detective and the prisoner.

Cynicism tends to be a strong part of this kind of work. However there are also more accessible works. Agatha Christie created engaging detective characters such as Miss Marple and Poirot. Unlike the noir protagonists these characters seemed more engaged with society. Despite investigating horrible murders these characters seemed to be able to maintain their dignity.

It should be said that there are plenty of more lighthearted stories as well in this genre such as the work of Alexander McCall Smith. In these stories the main character tends to be more charming and there is more of a sense of a warmer character despite investigating the murder. This is the literary equivalent of TV shows such as Columbo.

There are a wide array of novels out there that look at crimes. Whether it is a classic whodunit or the latest twist on the noir genre there is something to please a range of tastes. Use your regular search engine to find out more about the latest releases and feedback from fellow readers to find the ones that will be best suited to your personal tastes.

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