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The Beautiful Tunes Of Kosmoratik Band

By Anita Ortega

Different art forms have used layering to conceal and communicate their message to target audience. This is a technique where the same image or word carries multiple messages. This element was picked by Kosmoratik band in 2011 and applied to music. The experiment began in Oslo and was carried out by Eivind Johansen, Lise Lotte and Gunner Odd.

The first album by the band hit the airwaves in 2012 and was a great hit. Its title was gravitation and was a successful blend of classical rock and symphonic pop. This resulted in sincere and epic melodies. The most prominent sounds in their tracks are acoustic guitar, oboe and string quartet. The sounds are combined in an expert way to produce what is described as delicious melody by listeners. Such excellent work has won the group following across generations.

Following the success of the first album, the second was eagerly waited. It came under the title Bridges and Boats with a fresh and innovative approach. It was an incredible borrowing from the 60s and 70s pop style which was psychedelic. This music managed to identify and communicate the feelings of listeners in this era. There was intentional use and combination of words, sounds and melody.

The themes explored by music from this band are complex. They are able to communicate a different message on the surface and behind the words on their lyrics. The borrowing from symphonic pop and incorporation of the element of pop makes their music to stand out. It is not the traditional pop but an inventive rock with classical affiliation.

Pioneer members of the band include Johansen Eivind who has been a strong figure since formation. He is known for his string arrangement as well as being an excellent song writer. He manages to capture and combine a wide range of wind and string instruments in an excellent way to produce incredible results. This creates moving ballads with a smattering pop feel.

Gunner has also been instrumental in the success of this band with his skills on the guitar. He also is honored for his multiple talents as an instrumentalist and arranger. He has assisted Johansen to produce the classical symphonic rock that is characteristic of the band. On the vocals is the naturally talented Lotte Lisa who can seamlessly transition between classical jazz and alternate rock. She has an excellent voice that allows her to maintain the attention of listeners.

The success of the first album has created excitement with their fan base growing from one performance to the other. This has seen them perform on different world stages in sold out concerts. Their major influences are Nick Drake and John Martyn as individual performers. They seek to emulate the success of Beatles with their magical pop.

The lyrical poetry in their performances is influenced by successful poets like Hafez and Rumi. Music by Gravitation is available online for buyers as well as live streaming. Its uniqueness lies in layering which gives words multiple meaning. Their sounds and melodies are an indication of thought and composure with the audience in mind.

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