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How To Get The Best NYC Headshots

By Eloise Hewitt

The sad fact is if you want to be an actor or a model then it can be very difficult. The nature of these industries are very competitive. While experience and a good body of work are vital there is also the need to stand out. This is why you should get the most professional looking NYC headshots possible.

Unfortunately a lot of people when looking for people to do headshots can get exploited. It is important to emphasise that agencies should not charge excessive amounts for photos. Ideally they should not charge people for work and should only really get paid via the work they find for their clients.

If an agency says they will represent you then they should either ask you to provide a headshot or charge a reasonable amount for it. If they are charging you thousands for it or charging you in order to get work then it is very likely that this is a scam. A responsible agent earns their money from the work they get for you.

That being said it is worth investing in the services of a professional photographer when it comes to taking a headshot. While it is true that digital cameras are now a lot more affordable than they used to be and that there is a lot of free or relatively inexpensive software to edit pictures this does not necessarily mean you can produce professional quality photos. Ultimately while the tools are available to everyone this does not necessarily mean that they will have the experience necessary.

New York is home to a wide variety of media industries such as film, television and fashion. Inevitably they will receive a lot of applications and a lot of headshots. Unfortunately this will also include a lot of home made and edited pictures that are likely to get thrown away regardless of how experienced that person might be. This may be brutal but it is a simple fact that they will get a lot of applications and they will only tend to consider the ones that look professional.

A common rule when looking at the website of a photographer is to assume their worst photo is the level of quality you will get rather than imagine that their best photos will ensure the most flattering look for you. This may seem brutal but it is often the best way to narrow down the options and to get a realistic idea of what you are likely to get. Once you have found someone you like the look of you can then contact them in person.

Once you have found someone you should meet them in person. It is a good opportunity to discuss their experience and background as well as the cost of their services. Remember if they make you feel uncomfortable when you talk to them then this is likely to also be an uncomfortable experience when they take your photo. If in doubt trust your instincts!

There are a wide array of professional headshot photographers in the New York city area. It is best to compare at least three in order to get an idea of prices and services. You should also check online for customer feedback and recommendation in order to make an informed decision and find the best photographer available in your price range. Remember you are investing in your career so you have to choose carefully. The best professionals will be worth it!

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