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Enjoy The Exciting Story About The Forgotten Vampires

By Essie Osborn

Here's a good news for all lovers of Twilight, the Vampire Diaries and similar books. Fire Goddess, the first book from The Forgotten Vampires series written by Dr. Carole A. Western, is there to dazzle you. Mystery, greed, immortal love and new and exciting powers will keep you occupied from the first page, even if you aren't really attracted to this type of stories. This one is certainly something special.

There are seven immortal vampire brothers called Karazans, and they present the entirely new vampire breed. They are so powerful, and have some additional charms and abilities, as well as some special magical powers. They've managed to survive for centuries, and very few people are aware of their existence. Hidden for centuries, now they come to bring fear among people.

The central character is a young girl, named Aimee McKenzie. She doesn't have parents, and lives with her grandparents in Star Valley, Wyoming, just like any other teenager. One day she receives a telegram, from her grandpa Kulanu, who is living on the Hawaiian Islands, inviting her to visit him. Aimee is excited, because she has never had any contact with her Hawaiian relatives, and she decides to accept the invitation.

There are four Fire Goddesses in this story, too. The nicest one of them is called Polihanu, and she wants to help Aimee. That's why she sends Kiyoto, her servant, to take care of Aimee. And she really needs his protection, because her evil cousin, Alon, who is a Karazian vampire, wants to kill her, to become the only heir of their Kulana family fortune. Until she came there, he thought he was the only heir.

Young girl and her attractive protector Kiyotu have to face different enemies, not only the Karazan vampire brothers. They have to fight Kaboshi witch, Lava Demons, Fire hounds and other dangerous creatures. Amidst all this, they fall in love, and this is a particular problem, because the relationship between mortals and immortals is simply not allowed.

The story is absolutely breathtaking, filled with unexpected twists, dangerous situations, mortal dangers and exciting adventures. Although they do have some allies, they are constantly surrounded with numerous enemies, but they still have time to enjoy in their love. Everything is against their love, but it is strong enough to survive all obstacles.

The book was primarily written for teenage audience, but the fact is that people of all generations will enjoy reading it. Dr. Carole is very skillful author, able to attract your attention and to keep it all the way. Mysterious, exciting, interesting and surprisingly well written, this book will make you a true fan of this type of stories, even if you have never enjoyed them before.

This book is a real refreshment in the offer this season. Intelligently written, exciting and thrilling, it will pin you to the chair to the last page. The atmosphere is mysterious and appealing, the story is more than interesting, the plot is quite unexpected and you will positively enjoy every single moment. This book will surely delight you so much that you'll hardly wait to continue the story.

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