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Elements In The Work Of Famous Landscape Painters

By Anita Ortega

Famous artists all across the world each have their own way of using space. Some like to interpret distance in a way that suits their needs and this results in a bit of abstraction in their work. These factors lead to the development of styles that are easy to identify. Turner, Monet and Kiefer all used such techniques to create lovely paintings that both embraced romantic ideals and criticized human weaknesses.

Artists who focus on this category generally try to bring out whatever makes a scene capture their attention. When they examine the beauty of creation, something stands out and they decide to try and put that on canvas. People all over the world usually look forward to seeing what these famous landscape painters have done. In this way, all of us may continue enjoying beautiful scenery while we are indoors. We can also see what places look like many years ago.

A painter may utilize a composition like this as a means of communicating with color. In European art, more emphasis is placed on exploring the beauty of all sorts of tints. Asian art traditionally played around with tones of the same color, when it came to images of mountains, rivers and the countryside in general.

Color also has an influence on how we perceive the nature of the elements in a painting. People are automatically drawn to any object that is painted in a bright color. Artists can give prominence to one object and influence how viewers think of trees or buildings in a composition.

Just the absence of man made conveniences makes it easy for you to tell how old a painting is. Humankind joins with nature in lots of contemporary work so you see more fences, railway lines and light posts in modern work. The artwork of old masters has less of these elements within them.

Landscape painters are sometimes thought of as artists who just create pretty pictures but this is far from the reality. They may put visual symbols together in a way that highlights the negative aspects of the history of a nation. They may celebrate the core spiritual values of a country as well, just by their focus on particular elements of nature.

Some of the established Chinese and Japanese masters used various techniques to bring mountains closer to the viewer. For example, they painted details into these large masses, instead of fading them as would be expected with greater distance. Wyeth also paid a lot of attention to detail and over time, he emphasized this more in his work and was less focused on color.

Beautiful landscape paintings allow you the chance to reflect on life and the environment. There are artists in this category who did not only focus on landscapes. They did many other types of work. However, their compositions in this genre will be appreciated by anyone who has an interest in it. Museums and galleries make it easier to see examples of their work.

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