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How To Do Expressive Therapies Using Art Forms

By Essie Osborn

Art not only is for pleasure but sometimes it can also be used as a form of therapy in order to open up the mind and even heal some part of it. Expressive therapies by using art are commonly used by a lot of therapies in order to make a person feel better or make him more relaxed with himself. For those who are interested in this type of therapy, here are some ideas that many therapists would use.

Now one of the most common art forms that a lot of therapists would ask participants to do would be none other than the puppet. Now this method is often used on children or even teenagers if they would have a hard time opening up. The puppet gives them an alter ego in which they can communicate their thoughts with if they do not usually open up to people.

Of course in this type of session, the therapist would be providing the participant with a bunch of art materials that the participant can use. It is actually up to the participant on how he would want to customize his little puppet. Of course he can make it as beautiful as he wants or he can make it as simple as he would want.

Now there are also those participants who are in general confused about their life and their own identity. For these people, the therapists would usually recommend the paper bag art type of therapy be used on them. This type of activity would help a person know more about himself and will also help him be able to go through his own life the way he would want to without thinking of others.

Now to do this, the therapist must first give a paper bag to the participant and let him draw a self portrait there. Then on the back of bag, the participant will then make a eulogy wherein he will list down all his greatest fears. When he is done with that, he will be putting in some items that would symbolize what he is as a person and what kind of person he wants to be.

Now drama or theater art is another very good way for one to be able to express himself. By assuming the role of another character, one will be able to escape into a different world that is unlike this one. This is an avenue wherein one would know how to step into the shoes of others and also experience what others may be experiencing.

Now a very good way for the therapist to know what is in the mind of the participant is to ask the participant to draw himself. From there, the therapist and the participant will discuss what the participant sees after drawing the picture. This can also be used as a way for the participant to let out some thoughts.

So as one can see, there are so many ways that art can be used therapeutically. These are not the only art forms that can be used when therapists perform expressive art therapies. These are only a few ideas that most utilize as they are some of the most effective.

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