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All Young Actors Must Learn British Accent Phrases

By Agnes Dickson

A convincing accent has to be learned and practiced. It does not come naturally and of self. "Learn British accent", might seem like three daunting words which could prove difficult, but as with anything else, a lot of hard work and determination will eventually pay off. You will have to struggle a little to successfully achieve the correct way to speak but it will all be worth the effort in the end.

Word usage and sentence construction may differ from your home language. This is an important process which should be dealt with first. Reading books written by British authors can help immensely in this regard. Building the vocabulary from the ground up will mean that when speaking, the correct basis will be used in sentences.

Keep practicing, at every opportune moment you might find. Get local friends to help you correct certain elements of your speech, and to help you refine all aspects in need of tweaking. The best teacher is exposure, as well as sounding the words out loud and listening to the sounds carefully and critically.

Along with the body language in each situation, be sure to listen to the tonal value of the expression, as well as the vocabulary used. The ear will eventually be able to pick up on even the most subtle differences, and be able to identify any flat pronunciations immediately. Training the ear well depends largely on the amount of exposure one has to surrounding conversations in that particular accent.

The more you are immersed in this way of speaking, the quicker and easier it will be to successfully reproduce the sound yourself. Enlist the help of any British friends or family, to help correct you, and to offer any changes that would be more convincing and authentic. After all, they have had years of practice and offer the perfect opportunity to perfect your way of speaking.

Another good way is to watch British actors, obviously in the dialect and accent that you are trying to replicate. Have the remote control handy, in order to instantly pause any diffuse word or sentence, and to give you the time, to practice immediately after they have said it. Listen carefully when you speak, then listen again to the actor's way of saying the exact sentence. This is good practice and a good tool for perfecting most commonly used words.

The words used, are often not the same for all countries. For instance the word 'cardigan' or 'jersey' in Britain may also be called a jumper elsewhere in the world. It is important to use the correct words, if you would like to exude confidence and authenticity. A little research in this matter will definitely create a more convincing and successful way of speaking.

As with anything else in life, if you have the determination and drive to succeed, then you will. To achieve your goal to the best of your abilities, will take a lot of practice and hard work, but the pride that you will feel in the end is incomparable. When you no longer have to think about your pronunciation or hand gestures, and are comfortable just holding a conversation, then you know you have achieved your goal and have acquired a new accent.

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