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Advance Your Business By Hiring A Professional Linkedin Profile Writer

By Anita Ortega

When you are creating your identity on Linkedin, there is much to be kept in mind. For one, you should start off by hiring a really professional Linkedin profile writer, who can help get you on the proverbial map. Once your articles are ready, you can use the "Like" button to share information about your company. Use this, for example, to promote an update that the company has made.

Your standard address is hard to remember, so the chance for someone else to find your account decreases, since they will not get a good ranking on search engines. Therefore, you can change it, so it will look like more effective. You can also have it professionally written.

To change the URL, click on "Edit Profile" in the bar at the top. This will take you to your settings and you can change the small URL and "edit" button located under "Make your profile better". Since the address is being indexed by search engines, you should choose a URL that includes your name, so your profiles can come first in a search.

Either you do your update publicly available so that anyone can read, irrespective of whether they are linked with you or not, or you can choose to only make your updates visible to your network. Most companies have decided that everything should be public. That is as they also want people who are not linked to them to see their details.

In addition to links to your company's website, you can, for example, link to your blog, company account on other social media such as Twitter and Facebook. A great writer will help you add anchor text for the links. Anchor text is the text that will appear as a link on your name, and since you have the option to add three links, you can also add three anchor texts to it.

When there is something new on your website, you can use the update function to spread the word. An idea may be that when there is a post on the company blog, you can spread this through the very same method. The fact that it can spread so effectively, is also a huge reason for you to make sure all your content is written by professionals.

If your company does not yet have a business blog, you can use the updates to spread the message of jobs, new employees, etc. Another way you can link to your site, is to comment or like your colleagues' updates. Finally, you can also make an update on the business side, this will automatically be visible in your news feed.

A like on LinkedIn is not the same as a like on Facebook. On Facebook, you like updates. This allows, among other things, when the update has been written, for people to know that it is something that you like, or agree with. On this system, however, you only do that if you want to share and spread the update. Therefore, you create spam, which is not very nice. Be careful with the "like" button and use it only when you see something of value that you want to share with your connections. To get your things liked more, hire professional writers for all of your staff's profiles.

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