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Where To Learn How To Draw Cartoon Characters

By Essie Osborn

Who doesn't like to amuse their children by drawing cute little animals and people for them? It takes a little practice and no small amount of skill to create these pictures for them. You can find out how to draw cartoon characters that will amaze everyone who sees them.

You can access lessons in quite a few places but finding the instructor that works best for you may take some searching. In order to get the skills you need you first need an instructor that you connect with. Someone that is willing to work with you at your pace and knows when to put a little more pressure on you if necessary.

A good instructor should be capable of bringing you to expert levels of drawing fairly easily. They will have the skills to teach you as well as the patience to work at a speed that works well for you. You may be able to locate a specialized artist that is close to your home.

Searching the internet is a good place to begin your search for training. The number of different sites and techniques you find there will give you an excellent idea of what you are looking for and what type of cartooning you want to learn. There are a number of different types of images that are available to copy. You may find that you can recreate all of your favorite characters from Disney and from your comic book heroes.

The basics of creating your own funny faces and people can also be learned from the internet. By using your imagination you will be able to take the techniques shown online and make original comics or comedic animals. You will learn where to position the eyes and ears on the faces as well as to create expressions on the faces you make. It is said that you can model the facial expressions after faces that you make yourself. You might want to practice in the mirror before you put them to paper.

Art courses are offered at colleges and night classes also. These classes are less specific and may take much longer to reach the goal you have in mind. They are designed to present a generalized familiarity with the subject and prepare you for the next class available to you.

Looking into book stores is also a very good resource for those wanting to learn these techniques. The multitude of books on this subject will lead the dedicated cartoonist to success. You should develop your own drawing style while studying these books. The authors are professionals who have made a career out of their skills. The library is yet another option available to you. It has all of the same book as the book store without the expense of purchasing them.

Whether you want to use drawing as an amusement for your friends or as a step towards a new career there is no shortage of ways to learn to do it. You will be able to take lessons from professionals or self teach yourself either online or from books written by experts. Either way, reaching your goal should be nothing but fun for you.

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