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Franklin School & How It'll Soon Relate To Art

By Paula Hess

One of the more notable buildings in Washingston, DC has got to be the Franklin Building. It was made in 1869 and, at one point, it was better known as the Franklin School. With that said, it currently does not have much use at all but it seems as though this is all about to change in the future. For those of you who enjoy art and see it as, more or less, a career path to travel down, I believe that this news will be of interest to you.

According to a report on Washington City Paper, the Franklin School will be utilized in order to house an art museum with a tremendous amount of wealth. A number of mediums and types of art will be incorporated, some of the examples being, "contemporary art, sculpture, installations, and performances." The article also made mention of a restaurant and cafe being put into place as well. To me, this means that there will be far more of a social aspect added which few museums seem to possess.

What's just as worthy of note, though, is how the Franklin School will be given new life after not being utilized for so long. Keep in mind that the school was used for a number of purposes during its time, one of said purposes being a homeless shelter. However, this did not last, as the shelter was closed in 2008, which elicited quite a bit of criticism. In spite of this, the school was left unused, serving as a landmark and nothing more.

What about the idea of employment that can be helped because of this museum? According to Victor Hoskins, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, this could, "create new jobs and provide educational and mentoring programs." On one hand, those who are interested in art should have no problem coming in and teaching others about one exhibit after another. On the other hand, seeing as how it was rumored that the museum would also house a bookstore, those with retail experience shouldn't count this idea out, either.

Whenever you go to a new state or city, chances are that you are going to see a few buildings that are not being utilized. It's possible that past businesses have simply closed down or moved their operations elsewhere. Regardless of what the case may be, it is apparent that the Franklin Building is a tremendous piece of history and Washington was able to recognize this as well. The fact that a museum will soon make its presence known should be enticing to not only art enthusiasts but anyone who can appreciate art in general.

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